HE Moazzam Malik, British Ambassador to Indonesia, ASEAN and Timor-Leste: English language is the key to knowledge and international collaboration.


English language is… in English we say it’s a life skill. It’s an essential life skill.

You know, to ensure Indonesia’s success, to ensure the success of this Santri (Islamic Boarding School Student) who are sitting around us, they have to be able to communicate with the world.

If they want to be businessmen, if they want to be creative industries; musicians or filmmakers if they want to be academics, doing the research, if they want… whatever they choose to do, they’re politicians or diplomats, leaders in any way to be successful you have to be able to cross the border. But to cross the border you need the key and the key is the language, right?

So it is the key to knowledge, it is the key to international
contacts, it is the key to collaboration.

So, I’m very excited to see that the very wise Pendiri (Founding Fathers) and elders of the school have made English language a central part of their curriculum.

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